Mike D. Moore

The author grew up in a fairly strict Plymouth Brethren culture, and felt fairly hard done by at first, until he spoke with others and saw how much worse it was for so many.

He has written several books, this being the first one that is really not only about his birth culture in an in-depth way, but also about how a path out of it, to find a relationship with God, went. Also, it includes the comments of numerous other people, to broaden the perspective on the Brethren culture out to include people from various parts of the world, running afoul of various strains of Brethren assemblies.

He does not write to reassure people with pat answers, nor dazzle them with cleverness, so much as to have a hard look at what's going on in the kinds of circles in which he grew up, and to learn from it all.

He uses a lot of humour, despite this photograph, choosing to laugh rather than cry, whenever possible. He was even excommunicated from his Plymouth Brethren assembly for life, during a time when this was being done wholesale to hundreds, really for being dissatisfied and questioning of it all, but officially for writing satire. Feel free to email.