Here are some mp3s to download, save, put in iPods and computers and things. Free for all.
I only include the portion of the songs I used in the audiobook, rather than re-recording the whole thing. (Sorry.

Songs I Grew Up With
Serious Sunday Morning Songs:
When We Survey That Wondrous Cross
'Twas On That Night of Deepest Woe
O Head Once Full of Bruises
What Was It Bless'ed God?

Sunday School Songs For Kids
Into a Tent Where A Gypsy Boy Lay
A Little Ship Was On the Sea

...and the anti-slavery verse from "O Holy Night"

Songs I Did Not Grow Up With  
(a cover of) Pink Floyd's "Brain Damage" from Dark Side of the Moon
I always related to this song about conformity. It's a bit laughable for me to do all the voices, but I did.

(a cover of) U2's "40" a song they made with Psalm 40
It is my suspicion that modern church music sounds like it does because, like me, in their teens a lot of modern pastors were U2 fans.

Dynamite Motel: Extravagant
I wanted to convey how "sexy" a lot of contemporary hymns sound to folks who didn't grow up with them,
so I had Mindy "Dynamite Motel" Amelotte tackle contemporary church classic "Extravagant", asking her to play her uke and
sing like Jessica Rabbit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

God's Tools: Sober
I wanted to demonstrate that contemporary church music seemed to be a genre, by morphing Tool's 90s misery rock song "Sober" into it.

Maranatha With the Muppets: Draw Me Close to You
I wanted to demonstrate why the urge of people raised to solemn Victorian hymns upon hearing contemporary fare is to
feel far from worshipful, and be tempted, quite frankly, to burst out laughing throughout.

A Few of My Own Compositions
Beware the Cripple: I used this song with the vocals muted to mark chapter breaks and sections in the audiobook. It's about how you
can turn what should be your health and strength into something (legalism) which saps the health and strength of the young.

(I Don't Know) What You'd Like : This was a fairly serious song written to express how lost I feel as to what kind of worship God likes.

Who Are You Anyway?: This old thing was about try to figure out who God was, and mostly just starting to learn who He wasn't.

Red Sweater: This "Yellow Submarine" inspired silly ditty was about being expected to live a life without going out into the world at all.

Maybe Someday: A song about knowing that Heaven awaits, but not really enjoying right now very much. This is the song of mine
that people most like. I think it's because it's rooted in my hymn-singing childhood influences so much.

Friday Night: A song I wrote aged 24, sitting on a tombstone in the middle of the night, serenading the dead people as to the point of life.