Like a Dystopian Novel, But Real  
I assumed that all churches were like mine -- nice, welcoming, open communion, no one criticizing me weekly or
'checking up' on me. It's not that I thought other churches were like mine; I just hadn't thought much about it much
at all.

Pharisee was like reading Nineteen Eighty-Four or The Handmaid's Tale, except worse because real people
went through it. It put into words a lot of things that are just so hard to say
Evan, Ontario


The Pharisee Heresy: A Tough Act to Follow 
I Was A Teenage Pharisee is the story of a religious play whose actors follow a choreographed script.
The book describes the transition from the struggle of maintaining a false front, to the liberty of reality.
Dan, Manitoba


Who Jesus Isn't
The author is trying to get to the bottom of the truth about who Jesus isn’t.
Harold, Ontario



Sarcasm Without Sacrilege
The author uses his sense of humor to deliver occasional sarcasm without sacrilege, in this book about growing up in the
non-denominational denomination known as 'Plymouth Brethren.' Whether you are familiar with Brethren or not,
this insightful book will have you thinking, 'Wow, I never knew......'
Sally, Michigan



My Childhood Reflected
I Was a Teenage Pharisee
takes a peek behind the polite but distant smiles of the long-skirted and suited
men and women who worship behind the doors of Assembly halls and meetings in Canada, the US, and other
places around the world. Although clocking in at over 700 pages, the book is a fast read.

We all like reading about ourselves, and I found my childhood reflected in the stories of many contributors,
although I am thankful that the strangeness that I was raised in was nowhere near as strange as some.

Not to be hyperbolic, but this book contains the ingredients for the healing of the nations, or at least,
the healing of those pockets of people who have divorced themselves physically, spiritually, or intellectually
from their Brethren backgrounds. There is great comfort in knowing that someone else understands you and where
you're coming from, and can relate to some of your hangups.
Melody, Washington

Bible Smuggling
Take a couple of copies of this book to a Brethren bible conference? It would be safer to smuggle bibles into
the Middle East!
Norm, Canada