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Introduction (in which typical objections to works of this kind are addressed)
Part One: Normal's Whatever You're Used To
  Chapter One: My Roots
(in which the Plymouth Brethren movement is introduced)
  Introduction to God
(We went to Meeting a whole lot.. Listen as dusty old hymns are sung. Comments by Elizabeth, Melody, Louisa and Bruce Hales)
Link to Cyber Reading Meeting Generator. I adapted a webpage Ian made, to generate random Reading Meeting talk.
  Conversion Experiences
(We didn't have dramatic testimony stories. And it made us sad.. Comments by Darlene, J.N. Darby and Bruce Hales)
(in which much more dramatic conversion experiences than mine are imagined and enacted.)
  My Own Conversion Experience
(in which the anticlimactic tale of my conversion is told. Comments by Aleister Crowley and Gordon Hayhoe.)
  Personal Experiences of God
(In which I think I see God acting, and not even at church stuff. In overarching currents and patterns of life.)
  Old Stuff is Holier Than New Stuff
(In which the musty, archaic flavour of our church activities is conveyed. Comments by Melody and Anne.)
  The "Other Kind" of Worship
(In which the Brethren-trained anaphylactic reaction to modern church services is conveyed, hymns are sung by Muppets,
and "Sober" by Tool is sung in the style of contemporary church music)
  Pulled Out of Yourself
(In which the role of emotional experience in worship is contrasted, between charismatic and traditional services. Comment by Ruth.)
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