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Part One: Normal's Whatever You're Used To
  Chapter Two: Joining Up
(in which becoming a member of a group which denies having any members is gone into. Comment by Darlene.)
  Our Way is the Only Right Way
(in which our ecclesiastical apartheid and segreation is discussed. Comments by Ruth, Anne and Bruce Anstey.)
  What Church Do You Go To?
(in which the Brethren church's claim to not be a church at all, and our use of only the King James are gone into. Memories of memorizing.)
  The New Originals
(in which the origins and intentions of the Plymouth Brethren movement are gone into. Comments by Louisa and Shelley.)
  Living for the Camera
(in which the belief in an ever-watchful, hypercritical God and RaptureFear are explored. Bonnie and Nancy sing, children's hymns
are sung, and Ruth, Aleister Crowley, Jake, Elizabeth, Anne, and Carol weigh in about fearing God in a bad way.)
  Earning Grace
(in which the concept of "saved by grace, but blessed by works of obedience and sacrificing joy" is explored briefly. God as J. Jonah Jameson.)
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