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Part Two: Starting To Wake Up
  Chapter Four: What's Wrong?
(in which the life events that really pushed me toward needing to have something deeper than rules-based church culture are explored.)
  A Missing Sense of Proportion
(in which Bill lays out the human necessity of having the capacity to, on occasion, say "f**k it" about certain things, and to certain people.
Because you really can't care 100% about absolutely everything, now can you? And I used to.)
  Pharisees and Christianese
(in which Jesus' specific problems with the Pharisees, with whom he repeatedly sparred and called rude names, is gone into, and
troubling parallels are drawn to our church practice. Comments by Louisa, Anne, Jake and Ruth.)
  "Sensible" Voices
(in which the troubling fact that one can't attempt good without being approached by "sensible" people with "concerns" is gone into.)
  Modern Pharisees
(in which the idea that "the Lord was speaking" when young folks who failed to be legalistic enough died.
Comments by Melody, Anne and Jake. Some Pink Floyd is sung.)
  When's It Going To End?
(in which the idea that Christians are to behave like "Christians," and nothing like Christ or his followers, is explored.
What it was like watching the youth die off, and hearing our lack of consistent legalism blamed for "The Lord Speaking" in this way.)
  Taking the Wheel
(in which the thing that happens when young adolescences make choices and start to form their new, adult lives, is explored.
Comments about struggling with parental authority, sometimes into adulthood, are made by Melody, Anne and Johann.)
  Christ Instead Of...? (now fixed to be the right file!)
(in which the idea that one may have to put one's relationship with Christ ahead of one's church culture, is explored.
The conviction that sometimes, churches end up being nothing more than marketing campaigns for themselves, is gone into.)
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